This is my first cryptoart anniversary edition NFT. Exactly a year ago (11/22/2019) I tokenized my first artwork here on SuperRare. I wanted to celebrate this milestone by combining for this first anniversary two of my most well known digital art series: 'Infinity Rooms' & 'Fiat est Violentiam'. This has been one of the most interesting years in all of my life and for that I want to thank all the community around this new emerging artistic movement. LOVE YOU ALL!
about carlos marcial
Carlos Marcial is a Mexico City-born Puerto Rican digital artist involved in crypto art since 2019. Before becoming one of the first full-time crypto artists ever in early 2020, Carlos Marcial helped found and creatively direct a studio in Toronto, CA that specialized in design services for blockchain projects and companies. It was at this studio that he first found out about NFTs and bought some cute CryptoKitties. His first contact with the blockchain was in 2012 when he read about Bitcoin and bought some, which he unfortunately didn’t hodl.

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