Art is meant to free us from ourselves, to help us transcend the mundane...This work is the first of its kind - a stream of my subconscious mind...which turned out to be very symbolic in essence...I'll leave it open to
Russian-born New York-based visual artist Olive Allen draws on her background in both fine arts and technology to create multidisciplinary art that captures the internet culture of the new age and exposes systems of value.

She is a cryptocurrency early adopter and one of the pioneers of the NFT space. Even though Olive had been a traditional painter, she started her journey in the space as a founder and spent 2018-early '19 in Silicon Valley working on the NFT marketplace Decadent under which brand in 2019 she did the very first NFT drop in history and coined the term. One of the most popular NFT marketplaces today, and indirectly many others, were influenced by Olive's early work.

Since then her NFT artworks have been a part of a museum show and acquired by many prominent collectors in both NFT space and the traditional art world. She exhibited with König Gallery (Berlin), Postmasters (New York), Nagel Draxler Gallery (Cologne), and Christie's, among others. Olive's NFT artwork Post-Death was the first NFT sold at a major international art fair, Art Basel in Switzerland.

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