If you tumble down the rabbit hole, you’re sure to discover… Most Everyone’s Mad Here! Signature VHS Text Art by Sarah Zucker / @thesarahshow. Created in studio with original digital text animation and analog processing on VHS. Filmed in 4k from vintage CRT TV Screen. Single Edition Hi-Res GIF. An "Artist's Reserve" Token – a masterwork from my career, created in 2016 and newly remastered and tokenized in 2021.
Sarah Zucker is an artist based in Los Angeles. Her work makes use of humor, psychedelia, mysticism, and the interplay of cutting edge + obsolete technologies. She has been in Crypto Art since April 2019. Her work was part of the landmark NFT auctions "Natively Digital" at Sotheby's and "CryptOGs: The Pioneers of NFT Art" from Bonhams & SuperRare. Her GIF art has been viewed over 6.8 billion times on Giphy. She is a Jeopardy! Champion.

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