"Impressionable Youth" is about nostalgia, environment and aspiration. A reflection of my youth. A completely new take on mixtape cover art. Designed void of hue for a gritter vibe. I recreated this piece many times over many days in search of a purple cow. An enjoyable process indeed. Within the work you'll notice flashes of my past intertwined with glitches of my present. The compact cassette tape and the child with the basketball speak to my youth and a time when things were simpler. R.I.P. KOBE. The aspiring adult who has something explicit to say in the upper right corner speaks to my present and my love for music. Scanning the QR Code links to...
about connie digital
My journey in crypto started back in 2013 when I first learned about Bitcoin and the potential of blockchain technology. Since then, I've dedicated time contributing to the growth of Web3 as a writer, as a marketer, and currently as an artist pushing the boundaries of tech and creative expression.
I’ve had the honor to collaborate on innovative NFT projects like the world’s first programmable artwork, First Supper, while also pioneering tokenized music by minting the first audiovisual NFT of a song.

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