"Fiat money is to be rejected My funds must be more connected It’s to the moon that I will chase And it is blockchain, I embrace I never dither nor do I delay A life of crypto is my way”
Puffin Poems Music by Lilsiri.eth
Hackatao was born in 2007. The OG artists are among the pioneers of the international Crypto Art movement, having minted their first artwork Girl Next Door on the blockchain back in 2018. In these early years Hackatao actively participated in the construction of the cryptoverse and the NFT space. They contribute significantly to the discussion, together with other pioneer crypto artists, curators and collectors, regarding the implementation of royalties for artists on the secondary market. In 2018 Hackatao introduced augmented reality into their practice for the first time, an umbilical cord between the physical works and the digital tokens. 

“Hack” for the pleasure of going under the skin and discovering what lies beneath, “Tao” for Yin and Yang, their inventive dynamic balance. The creation of the Podmork sculpture marks the beginning of their career, a totem-like creature made from wood and covered in graphite designs and pop acrylic block colour, as early on during their journey they would experiment with physical medium, ceramics, drawing and painting on canvas and three-dimensional surfaces. Hackatao investigates historical and pop cultural phenomena in their signature flat style, shedding light onto contemporary social, political and environmental issues. 

Hackatao’s most recent work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in physical and virtual museums and galleries such as FC Francisco Carolinum (Linz), Celestial Hermitage (State Hermitage Museum, virtual group exhibition), Ca’ la Ghironda Modern Art Museum (Bologna), Christie's (London), Dreamverse (New York) Museo Spazio Tadini (Milan), Musei di San Salvatore (Rome). 

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