This work is part of my series “Color, Balance” where bodily artifacts removed from fashion photography become the base for paintings I create in Photoshop. I add subtle layers of digital paint and push pixels to blend the figure’s remnants into the background. I use color as a spatial feature, shifting away the boundary of the body to further blur lines between abstraction and figuration. 
An aspect of my practice engages the use of computer software that removes all traces of my hand. the process iterates the disappearance of the physical body on and off the screen. 
With this work, I aim to express the complexity of 21stcentury identity, and the disconnect between the body and those around us. Physical works from this series were shown at my solo exhibition “I Am A Portrait” at Undercurrent, Brooklyn in January 2020.
ABout Travis leroy
Travis LeRoy Southworth is a conceptual artist who began exploring crypto art in early 2018. Travis helped beta-test SuperRare and was the 4th artist on the platform. His work explores aspects of image manipulation, computerized labor and self-perception. Travis’ work has been exhibited internationally including The Bronx Museum of the Arts, The Drawing Center (NYC), Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (UK), Dock (Basel) and The Chicago Cultural Center.

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