La liberté guidant le peuple (Liberty leading the people) 2019 is inspired by the famous painting of Delacroix realised in 1830. 
With the Yellow vests movement who began in the end of 2018, it was the right time to do a contemporary version of the original painting, with a little secret inside: This street art fresco is hidding a Bitcoin puzzle.
For the 10th birthday of the genesis block, Pascal Boyart painted this fresco in Paris with 0,28btc puzzle in it.
The fresco has been censored and covered by the French authorities. It was tokenized by Boyart and sold in 100 unique parts as NFTs.
About Pascal Boyart
Pascal Boyart is an artist based in Paris.

Passionate about drawing since his youth, Pascal Boyart grew up in Paris near La Chapelle, the birthplace of European graffiti.

So it’s natural, as a graffiti artist, that he began his journey by making a name in the midst of urban art. His figurative style and technical virtuosity quickly gained him the respect of his peers. Thus, for nearly fifteen years, he covered the walls of the capital with his ultra-realistic frescoes.

From this urban background, Pascal Boyart retains an obvious fascination for monumental portraits. Today, he concentrates on the representation of the gaze and the exploration of his expressive potential. He pays tribute to the infinite complexity of the human face's relation to the soul, the latter being both the most essential but also the most hidden part of each individual.

In the same way as his creative approach, which is as much an inheritance of urban culture as classical sensibility, his approach to painting combines new technologies with traditional painting techniques.

He is notably the first mural painter to affix a Bitcoin QR code to his paintings to get donations. He is also the first to have transformed his street art murals into NFTs.

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