Another very relevant and truly deep conversation about the interconnected pathways that rekindle the spheres of influence that govern the pretexts of a certain area that might consequentially be comprised physically of an actual 64 gallon toter.
Robness is one of the few crypto artists that has participated in the technology from its conception. He has helped in establishing the first experiments of blockchain art by contributing artwork to the underground Pepecash card trading phenomenon, which helped spring forth the Cryptokitties craze. 
He is the father of the #trashart movement. has created several rare pepe cards, and is a prolific crypto artist. he describes himself as a CRYPTOEXPRESSIONIST. #TRASHART MEME/MOVEMENT CREATOR, BURNER OF CRYPTOPUNKS, EX-SUPERRARE, RAREPEPE ELDER, PISCEAN, STUDENT OF MEMETICS.

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