Autoglyphs are the first “on-chain” generative art on the Ethereum blockchain. They are a completely self-contained mechanism for the creation and ownership of an artwork. only 521 exist.
About larva labs
they are creative technologists that have worked on almost every kind of software. Examples include large scale web infrastructure, genomics analysis software, 8-bit roleplaying gamesan art project on the blockchain covered by the New York Times that Mashable said “could change how we think about digital art,” the largest open source repository of legal documents that they started at an overnight hackathon, an endless driving game that ends badly (there's a VR version too), an app for Android called AppChat that makes a chat room for every app installed on your phone, two different versions of a completely new Android homescreen experience: Slide Screen (2009!) and Flow Home (2014), a motion tracking dance booth on a beach in France, and an app with Google called Androidify that ended up becoming the worldwide face of the Android brand.
Larva LABS Are the creators of cryptopunks and meebits.

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